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The best home booty workout for women

Emily Skye

Looking for a fast and effective booty workout?

I’ve got your ultimate booty workout plan covered with my 6-week Booty Challenge, designed to help you grow your glutes and power up all your body and fitness goals at home.

To grow a well-rounded peach, you need to work the three main muscles in your backside: the gluteus maximus (your cheeks), the gluteus medius (at the top of your butt) and the gluteus minimus (at the sides, towards your hips). With the Booty Challenge, I’ll make sure you’re hitting all of these muscles (and more).

Did I mention you don’t need a gym? With minimal equipment, you can get amazing results without leaving the house. That’s right, I’m here to show you how to build your glutes at home.

To get you started, below I’ll share a booty workout that you can do with zero pieces of equipment, plus a booty workout you can do with resistance bands to pump up your peach.

The good news is, your butt drives your daily movement, so you’re ‘working it’ while doing a lot of exercises. But even the best collection of exercises to grow your booty won’t deliver maximum growth and definition if your glute muscles aren’t switched ON.

How to engage your booty for home workouts

So what does it take to achieve an effective workout for your butt at home?

Firstly, if you do a lot of sitting, you might have a sleeping booty. Basically, this means that your glutes are inactive, and you may be compensating with other muscles when you move. In the long run, this can lead to aches, pain and injuries. In the short term, a sleeping booty can sabotage your glute-strengthening exercises.

You need to make sure that you feel your glute muscles engaging during butt-focused workouts. To do this, focus on using your glutes to move your hips, rather than letting your lower back or hamstrings do the work. Nailing this takes consistent attention, so don’t be discouraged if it takes you a little while to get the hang of it.

Some of the exercises below, like Frog pumps and Resistance band donkey kicks, are great for activating your glutes. So if you’re struggling to feel your cheeks firing, try performing those moves at the start of your workouts for the best results.

Now let’s jump into your first glute-shaping routine.

A no-equipment booty workout at home

I’ve lined up some of my favourite exercises to build and lift your glutes – no equipment required!

Perform these exercises as a circuit, doing each move for 40 seconds, then resting 20 seconds before starting the next exercise on the list.

Around the world lunges
Around the world lunges are a great exercise to grow your booty at home as they work the glutes from all angles, as well as your quads, hamstrings and abductors. Try not to completely stop between lunges – just tap your foot as it returns to centre before switching into the next lunge.

How to do it:

  • Stand up tall, hands on hips, or braced in front of your chest.

  • Engage your core as you step your right foot forward and drop your left knee towards the ground into a lunge. Maintain an upright body throughout and push back up to the start.

  • Step your right leg out to the side, wider than shoulder-width, drop into a squat, then bring it back to centre.

  • Do a reverse lunge, stepping your right leg back and dropping your knee towards the ground, then bring it back to the centre.

  • Swap legs and complete a reverse lunge with your left leg back.

  • Step your left leg out to the side, drop into a squat, before bringing it back to centre.

  • Finally, step your left foot forward and drop your right knee towards the ground in a lunge. Push back to standing.

  • Repeat the pattern.

Drop squat
To take the best exercise for butt building to another level, just add a jump! By adding a plyometric element you will build explosive glute power.

How to do it:

  • Stand up tall, core engaged, with feet around hip-width apart.

  • Jump both feet out wide and drop down into a squat, then spring back up to standing.

  • Keep your feet and knees soft to protect your joints.

Frog pumps
What’s the best exercise for glutes that need a wake-up call? Frog pumps take your hamstrings and lower back out of the equation to make your gluteus maximus and minimus do all the work – a great way to activate sleeping muscles.

How to do it:

  • Lay on your back on the floor, arms by your side with palms facing down so your hands are just tucking in under the sides of your butt.

  • Bring the soles of your feet together underneath your butt, so your knees are bending out to the side.

  • Engage your core and squeeze your glutes as you push your hips up.

  • Hold for a moment at the top of the pump, then lower your hips back down. Your core and glutes should remain activated throughout.

Single-leg glute bridge
This is a power move for your posterior chain. If bridges give you a cramp in your hamstrings, try raising your toes off the ground and using just the heels of your feet to keep you stable.

How to do it:

  • Lay on your back, with knees bent and your feet on the floor about hip distance apart.

  • Pull one leg up to your chest, holding it in place with both hands.

  • Brace your abs, squeeze your glutes and push through your heel to lift your hips into the air.

  • Aim to make a straight light angling down from your knee (of the leg still on the floor) to your shoulders.

  • Hold the bridge for a moment before lowering back down.

  • Repeat on the other leg.

A resistance band booty workout at home

Adding a resistance band to your workouts is a simple way to boost your booty building exercise arsenal. Check my exercise videos below for band placement to ensure you’re getting maximum muscle activation.

Perform these exercises as a circuit, doing each move for 40 seconds, then resting 20 seconds before moving onto the next exercise.

Resistance band donkey kicks
Donkey kicks are one of the best exercises for glutes as they target your gluteus maximus for big booty growth! Focus on good form to also work your gluteus medius and hamstrings.

How to do it:

  • Start on all fours, with your hands directly below your shoulders and knees under your hips. The resistance band should be around your thighs (just above your knees).

  • Alternate kicking your right then left heel up in the air. Your butt and thighs should almost form a straight line at the top of each kick.

  • Keep your head, neck and back neutral throughout – don’t arch your back.

Resistance band glute bridge abduction
By adding an abduction (sideways movement), this exercise targets ALL the glute muscles to sculpt, define and grow your butt.

How to do it:

  • Lay on your back with your knees bent, feet on the floor about hip distance apart, and a band around your thighs (just above your knees).

  • Activate your core, squeeze your glutes and push through your heels to lift your hips into the air.

  • At the top of the bridge, widen your knees out to the side, pushing against the resistance of the band.

  • Bring your knees back together, lower your hips back down, then repeat.

Resistance band side-to-side squat
As well as strengthening your glutes and legs, the lateral movement will build up your agility and dynamic power.

How to do it:

  • Stand up tall, core engaged, feet around hip-width apart and band around your thighs (just above your knees).

  • Step your right leg out to the side and drop into a squat, as deep as you can comfortably go, then rise up and bring your leg back to centre.

  • You can alternate stepping out your right then left leg OR step out with your right leg for 5 reps then switch to do 5 with your left. Just make sure you do the same number of reps with each leg.

Banded leg lift
Make sure you engage your core and squeeze your glutes with every lift to fire up your booty and hamstrings.

How to do it:

  • Place the band around your thighs (just above your knees) then take a high plank position, on your toes with hands on the floor directly beneath your shoulders, and core engaged.

  • Your body should form a straight line from your shoulders down to your toes. (Don’t poke your butt up!)

  • Alternate raising your right then left leg off the floor – your heel should reach a little higher than your butt before you lower your leg back down.

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