Flat lay of food in glass containers including avocado, boiled egg, blueberries and hummus.

11 healthy eating rules you’ll actually want to follow


Still think healthy eating is a plain chicken breast and salad, hold the dressing? No way. Time for some new rules!

Rule 1. Make it tasty

Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring, and with FIT it never is! Tacos, pizza, bolognese, burgers, pho, pancakes – all your favourite flavours are here. Explore the recipes (try some easy dinners to get you started), learn a little about nutrition, and discover delicious and good-for-you dishes. When it tastes this good, it doesn’t feel like a chore.

Rule 2. Get the energy balance right

Your meal plan is automatically customised to fuel your FIT workouts and work for your goal, so the hard work is done. But make sure you listen to your body and make adjustments where needed – you may need less or extra snacks day by day, depending on your hunger and energy levels.

Rule 3. Have a plan for the week

Set aside an hour or so each week to plan for the week ahead. Take a look at your FIT planner – what meals are you going to make for dinner and use as leftovers for lunch? What will you have for fast, tasty breakfasts? What can you make and have ready to go in the fridge? You don’t HAVE to follow the meal plan to the letter on every single meal – but it’s a great tool to help bring some structure to your diet. And once you’ve tried some of our delicious recipes, you won’t be able to stay away! Take a look at our hacks to get started with the FIT meal plan.

A steak and vegetable bowl from the Emily Skye FIT meal plan.

Going off plan? Try to include a variety of protein, carbs, healthy fats and vegetables in your meals.

Rule 4. Always have a backup plan

Planning ahead will serve you best, but sometimes life gets in the way. Keep the healthy FIT recipes above in the back of your mind as a guide for those times when you need to be flexible. Following your FIT meal plan as you get started will give you the knowledge and confidence to build your own healthy dinners when you need to.

Rule 5. Don't go hungry

Starving yourself is off the menu. Not only is it dangerous and unhealthy, it won’t deliver the results you want. When you cut down too much on calories, your body doesn’t have what it needs to recover and perform, and you increase the chance that you’ll crack and overeat due to the deprivation. Fuel yourself with quality, tasty food from your meal plan, enjoy your recommended snacks and maintain a positive relationship with food!

Rule 6. Treat yourself sometimes

One less than healthy meal won’t ruin all your hard work. It’s about indulging in moderation. The 80/20 rule can help here – eating healthy 80 per cent of the time, and treating yourself the other 20 per cent. That treat could be a regular Friday night restaurant dinner, getting takeout on your busiest night of the week or having some chocolate or a glass of wine on Sunday evening. Plan it in and remember you’re not cheating yourself, you’re treating yourself.

Rule 7. Don’t fear carbs

Sure, your diet shouldn’t consist entirely of white bread and chips, but we need carbs for energy! Where you can, go for complex unprocessed carbs like the oats, sweet potato and brown rice in FIT recipes – and yes, bread is on the menu (Grilled Cheese Sandwich, anyone?)

Rule 8. Don’t fuel up where your car does

Do you find yourself grabbing snacks and nibbles when you stop at the gas or petrol station? The packaged foods sold in convenience stores come with little nutritional value and a whole lot of additives, so give them a miss and pack your own snacks instead. Speaking of snacks...

A smoothie cup, a fruit and egg snack plate, apples with peanut butter and toast with avocado.

Need snack inspiration? Look no further than our 12 super simple snacks collection.

Rule 9. Have healthy snacks handy

When there’s an easy option, we’ll take it – and that includes snacks! If you have a habit of hitting the vending machine when hunger strikes, make it a new habit to have some of your fave healthy snacks in your bag or desk drawer. It’s not hard: these quick and easy snacks will get you rolling!

Rule 10. Drink smart

Staying hydrated is so important, but a lot of people drink just as many calories as they eat. Drink plenty of water and avoid sugar-loaded coffee options like frappuccinos or bottled iced tea and stick to plain lattes, black coffee, black tea or herbal tea. Got a soft drink or soda habit? Switch to mineral water or seltzer with a dash of lime or lemon. And when it comes to alcohol, we recommend sticking to two standard drinks a week while following the program for the best results.

Rule 11. Eat slowly

Did you know it takes a while for your body to realise it's full? Slow down and savour your meals to give your body time to register the feeling of fullness and avoid overeating.

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