5 pregnancy workout snacks you will love


You may not be training at the same intensity as your pre-pregnancy self, but you know your post-workout snacks are as important as ever! We've picked 5 simple and tasty protein-packed snacks to aid recovery after a FIT Pregnancy workout and support your baby's growth. Don't forget, you'll need more energy as your pregnancy progresses – head to our FIT Pregnancy Snacking Essentials for the lowdown. And if you're scrolling recipes to nail a craving, look for the PS (pregnancy safe) symbol.


Mini Smoked Salmon Frittatas

For those times a snack just won't do it, our Smoked Salmon Frittatas are the mini meal you're looking for.


Chocolate & Nut Protein Bars

Thinking more about what you're putting into your body now you're pregnant? No need to look up weird additive numbers here – our Protein Bars are serving up 100% natural realness for active and strong mamas.


Broccoli & Cheese Muffins

Tasty cheese is on the safe list, ladies! So make the most of it with our Broccoli & Cheese Muffins. Extra delicious points if you time your workout perfectly to devour one fresh out of the oven.


Protein Loaded Lettuce Cups

Not really the plan-in-advance type? Not a problem. Once your workout is done you can hit the pantry and fridge to load up your lettuce cups in 10 minutes flat.


Raspberry Protein Muffins

The perfect way to crush those sweet cravings and refuel after crushing a FIT Pregnancy workout.

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