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No equipment, no worries! Give these exercises a go

Emily Skye

No gear? No problems! I'm going to lay out a bunch of exercises you can incorporate mix-and-match style into a full-body workout that will still challenge you, and keep you working at high intensity. Each exercise targets a specific area such as upper or lower body, your core, or will get your cardio pumping.

Before starting any exercise, make sure you warm up in order to prevent injury during movements. When you finish, ensure you cool down with some light stretching. Remember to complete each movement with correct form, through full range of motion, and with a smooth flow. This will help you get the most out of each exercise!

Upper body

  • Push-ups

  • Plank taps

Core/Full body/Cardio

  • Sit-ups

  • Toe-taps

  • Bicycle crunch

  • Plank

  • Plank taps

  • Side plank

  • V-up

  • Leg-lowers

  • Jumping jacks

  • Mountain climbers

  • Burpees

Lower Body

  • Lunges

  • Side lunges

  • Reverse lunges

  • Jumping lunges

  • Squats

  • Wide-leg squats

  • Single-leg deadlifts

  • Glute bridges

For a challenging workout, try doing the exercises HIIT style – as fast as you safely can, completing as many reps as you can with good form, with as little rest as possible in between each exercise.

Emily Skye
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Emily Skye is a strength training expert and the face of FIT, the digital fitness app that helps women worldwide build strength and confidence, stay active through pregnancy and rebuild post-pregnancy. Emily holds a Certificate IV in Fitness and Master Trainer qualification from the Australian Institute of Fitness. She is also co-founder of James Cosmetics and a mother of two.

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