A selection of breakfast options from the Emily Skye FIT meal plan.
Emily Skye

Breakfast of champions: 4 recipes to fuel up for the day

Emily Skye

You’ve heard it before – ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. This might be up for debate, but how many times have you found yourself skipping out on your morning meal or grabbing a quick sugar fix instead? We’ve all been there. The fact is that you can't fuel your day right with an over-processed chocolate muffin, and skipping breakfast is just going to leave you tired and hungry later so you're bound to overeat.

If you want your body to do its best, you need to start by feeding it the best: that means whole foods, fibre and a protein hit. Then you'll be powering through the day and smashing your fitness goals like a real champion!

Here are four of the best breakfast recipes for maximum fuel and flavour.

Spinach, Broccoli & Pumpkin (Butternut Squash) Breakfast Hash from the FIT meal plan.

Spinach, Broccoli & Pumpkin (Butternut Squash) Breakfast Hash

When I say 'big breakfast', you probably picture the works: fried eggs, bacon, hash brown, sausage and thick, buttery toast! Obviously you can't eat that every day, so I have a recipe for a healthy version you can make yourself. My cafe-style Spinach, Broccoli & Pumpkin (Butternut Squash) Breakfast Hash is delicious and nourishing.

Protein Pikelets from the Emily Skye FIT recipe library.

Protein Pikelets

Yep, you can still have pancakes as a healthy meal. You may be used to the processed flours, sugary syrups and ice cream on top, but this recipe is healthy alternative that doesn't skimp on the flavour either. I absolutely love these pancakes – it feels like I’m having a cheeky treat. Double the quantity of this snack recipe to turn it into a protein-filled breakfast.

Strawberry Sunrise Smoothie from the Emily Skye FIT recipe library.

Strawberry Sunrise Smoothie

A smoothie is simple, fast and full of nutrients! To save time, you can pre-chop your smoothie ingredients and freeze them in individual snap-lock bags. This way, all you need to do in the morning is pull the bag out of the freezer, pop the ingredients into the blender, add your liquid and protein powder of choice, and you have a healthy breakfast in no time.

Chorizo & Kale Muffins from the Emily Skye FIT recipe library.

Chorizo & Kale Muffins

Eggs are great to start the day and a fantastic source of proteins and healthy fats. These egg-based muffins make a great mid-morning grab-and-go snack!

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