Emily Skye drinks water to stay hydrated and minimise bloating.

Battle of the Bulge: 5 tips to beat that belly bulge


You may be exercising away, and trying to do what you think should be doing in order to shift the pocket of fat around your middle, but it just won’t budge.

If you're chasing a toned tummy, it's important to keep in mind that it takes time. Instant abs don't exist, but these tips can help:

1. Move it to lose it!

Cardio and strength training together will kick-start your fat burn. Doing 30-40 minutes of cardio like walking, jogging, and cycling each day will ensure you are active enough to keep your metabolism going, and start burning the fat deposits in your body. Strength training further increases the burn by building and using muscles (which burn fat faster) and targets any problem areas, like your tummy! Exercises great for your midsection include leg lowers and raised leg crunches, targeting the lower abdominals.

2. Eat healthy, eat fresh!

Doing all the cardio and training in the world won’t help if your diet is bad. You need to make sure you are eating a balanced diet of healthy fresh foods full of fibre which aids digestion and helps to stop bloating, and lean proteins to replenish your body and feed it what it needs to keep your metabolism running and burning off excess fat. Foods lower in salt, sugar, and “bad” carbs and fats, will benefit your fat loss, and will stop your body retaining fluids and unwanted bulge around your middle.

3. Flush it out!

To help lose that lower belly bulge, it is important to stay hydrated. Water aids digestion, flushes toxins and speeds up the metabolism, so make sure you drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water throughout the day. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times so you aren’t stuck without.

4. Boost your metabolism

When it comes to your metabolism, there is no magic bullet, but building and maintaining muscle is one of the only evidence-based methods. So pick up your weights and make sure you eat plenty of nutritious meals to facilitate muscle growth.

5. Stress less!

If you stress, your body releases the stress hormone Cortisol, which may increase the amount of fat your body holds on to. High levels of cortisol are linked to increased belly fat. So try to relax more, by eliminating anything causing unwanted stress, and make sure you dedicate time for yourself to unwind and reset.

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