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Emily Skye

Everything you need to know about building a booty

Emily Skye

This is a wake-up call for your butt! If you want to know how to get a bigger booty, you’ll need to take a well-rounded approach. (See what I did there?!) Because while everyone knows squats are a great derriere-building move, you could be letting your bum down in other areas.

I’m so serious about helping you to build your bottom that I created a booty workout challenge to put your peach on the fast-track. More on that below...

Let’s break down what it takes to grow glutes, so you can achieve the strength, shape and confidence that comes with your No.1 body goal.

What muscles make up your butt?

You may not realise it, but those cushions were made for more than sitting around on all day!

Your butt is made up of three main muscles: gluteus maximus (your cheeks), gluteus medius (at the top of your butt) and gluteus minimus (at the sides, towards your hips). These glutes are central to your strength, power and balance. They help to control and stabilise your hips and leg movement, support your back and spine, and impact your posture.

Now you know the muscles you need to work, let’s get our butts into gear and learn how to build a booty.

What kind of exercise is best for booty building?

So many of my FIT members have asked me how to get a booty – so I created an entire butt workout challenge to help them achieve their No.1 body goal! My 6-week Booty Challenge is designed to grow your glutes with targeted lower-body workouts, while getting you all-over strong.

My program is built around the two key elements of booty building: muscle growth for size and power, and fat loss for definition and shape.

To build those glute muscles, you need to work them – hard! My program uses a combination of compound movements to maximise muscle growth, and isolation exercises to lift and shape your derriere. Squats are an essential glute exercise, but in order to shape the butt of your dreams, you need to use a variety of different moves.

If your glutes are covered by excess fat, you’ll need to burn it off to reveal the rounded, defined muscles you’re aiming for. In my Booty Challenge, I’ll help you burn fat with heart-pumping HIIT workouts. You can also walk, jog, cycle, ride, swim and dance to get your heart rate up. Doing any of these activities for around half an hour each day will get you on the path to your booty goals!

A smiling woman performing a jump squat.

I’ll show you how to build explosive power in your glutes with effective moves like squat jumps.

Let’s take a look at some of the best exercises to grow glutes that are just waiting to be added to your ‘build a booty’ workout plan…

  • Bridge – Hip raises, lifts, or leg lifts will help to build your glutes, as well as keeping your posture balanced by working the muscles at the front of the hips, for an all-round strong pelvic region.
  • Wide squats – Squats have long been considered the best exercise for a bigger butt, yet a slight modification can help you milk even more from this classic move. Using a wide stance shifts focus largely onto working your glute muscles rather than your quads. To further increase the challenge, try pistol squats or Bulgarian split squats to feel the burn!
  • Step-ups/box jumps – Jumping squats or box jumps are great high-intensity movements that engage your quads and glutes as you jump up as high as you safely can. During step-ups, squeeze your glutes as you complete the movement for maximum activation.
  • Lunges – Side lunges, curtsy lunges, and slow lunges are great booty building moves. Try adding weights to increase the intensity.

Remember, if you want to build your booty, you shouldn’t be afraid of the weight rack. The muscles in your butt are some of the largest in your body. If you want them to grow, you have to challenge them with strength training. Still not sold on lifting weights? I’ve got a few facts that might change your mind...

What kind of diet is best for booty building?

Working out is only half the job! Exercise and nutrition go hand-in-hand when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. If growing a booty is your goal, it’s important that you aren’t undereating.

You need to fuel your workouts and muscle growth with enough calories and booty-building foods, including a range of fresh vegetables on a daily basis, and things like lean meat, eggs, tempeh, nuts and seeds for protein – all of which you’ll find in my easy-to-follow FIT meal plans.

What does fuelling your body to achieve your body goals look like? My FIT dietician has 6 tips on how to get your butt in shape in the kitchen by nailing your pre and post-workout nutrition.

Building your best butt

If you’re typing ‘how to get my butt bigger’ into a search engine, you’ll see a lot of unrealistic images pop up. It’s important to remember that genetics have a big part to play in shaping your behind. So don't work your glutes to 'copy' someone you follow on Insta. Embrace your body’s uniqueness and start working towards healthy goals and maximising YOUR perfect booty!

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